Night Shift Collections

Tales of Zeorath

A series of Dungeon Crawling, Boss Stomping, Loot Dropping adventures based on your favorite RPGs. Join Dani and Cammie as they farm an old dungeon for a mount, or Indevan and his guild as they quest into the Mountain of Almost Certain Doom, or Vendelo as he recalls how he became undead. This collection of stories set in a shared world are filled a mix of fantasy tropes, game mechanics, and a heavy dose of humor.

Kickass McAwesome

A long-running slice-of-life comic about games and the nerds who love them.

Lessons in Magic

Lessons in Magic

Nell has taught magic to many young witches and warlocks, but has never met a young apprentice as eager as Misa, who has so much potential but so little control.


The elves have a comfortable village in the middle of a lush wood that is safe and sheltered as long as they keep the monsters in the shadows away. Luckily, they have a dragon that looks out for them, in exchange for a small sacrifice once each generation. What if the sacrifice escapes?

A story of love and loss, featuring a young elf compelled to find her place in the cycle.