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NEW! Dragon Warrior Quest!

A new story approaches, Dragon Warrior Quest, a title that I hope invokes some sort of nostalgia for at least one of you. This story is a loving homage to the early RPGs of the eighties, particularly the Dragon Quest games, or Dragon Warrior as they were known as in America.
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Part of the Tales of Zeorath series

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Elayne does a thing!

So You Think You Can Sew A Thing

Kickass McAwesome is Jared's long-running web comic, but Christina is taking over the art for a special story arc featuring Elayne in a Project Runway Parody.
We did a preview arc last year: Elayne's Very Own Storyline
The new story arc begins here: Elayne's Story (So You Think You Can Sew A Thing)

Vendelo becomes a dark knight!

V for Vendelo

Vendelo's origin story is now complete - Read the full comic now
Vendelo sort of ended up a hero, but where did he even come from?

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