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Super Turtle to the Rescue!

A Little Bazaar: The Nerd 2.16.19 Lowell, MA
Empire State Comic Con 4.12.19 - 4.14.19 Albany, NY
Brass City Comic Con 5.5.19 Waterbury, CT
A Little Bazaar: The Nerd 5.18.19 Lowell, MA

News and Stuff

Empire State Comic Con was small, which gave us the opportunity to meet some awesome people there. And I bought a bunch of books that I can't wait to read! With our first comic con of 2019 finished, we look forward to the future. We are staying close to home this year, with smaller cons as Jared heals from eye surgery.

We are in the progress of confirming conventions and shows for 2019, so check back for updates in the next few weeks! We are definitely going to be at a few different A Little Bazaar's in downtown Lowell, MA in the upcoming months. It's always fun to participate in shows in our own backyard!

Our Threadless shop has been updated with new designs, including Winter Fox and Puppy on a Burger Bed. Check out all the designs here: Night Shift Comics on Threadless

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