Lessons in Magic For Beginners

June 13, 2014

Page two of our new little story and the magic is already starting, but hold on a second Misa. Tone down the eagerness just a bit, you got chores to do. I can only assume this is some sort of super secret training a la Karate Kid, and sweeping with a broom actually teaches you perfect wand handing technique. Either that or Nell's just gonna use her apprentice as free menial labor, and in a way isn't that what apprentices are for?

Also, holy crap its only a week untill HeroesCon! If you are around the Charlotte, North Carolina area next weekend come and say hello. We'll be down in the artist's alley selling comics, prints and buttons. We may also be "stalking" Kelly Sue DeConnick, amoung other writers and artists that'll be there.