About the Comic

Vendelo is too nice and soft-hearted to be a Dark Knight, so where did he even come from?


How Vendelo Came to be in our comics in the first place

James is a close friend who I met shortly after I started playing World of Warcraft in 2007. He played a druid, and would waffle between a healer - a natural helper - and a tank - a protective leader - both in game and in personality. When Death Knights were released he took the opportunity to delve into the new class and new lore, creating Vendelo. He was the same caring, protective person with a renewed passion for the game and his guild.

Our version of Vendelo isn't James, but that caring and protective personality comes through when we write him. Vendelo's story is one of loss and friendship. He cares for his new guildies and is trying to be genuinely helpful in any way he can - even when Indevan has a ridiculous quest for him.

- Christina
Jan 2017

About the Artists

Jared and Christina met playing World of Warcraft and became friends when they realized that they both make comics. One day Christina, being an artist and not a writer, asked for a script in guild chat, and Jared had one ready the next day. Several drafts later that script became The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom and a new comic series and relationship began.

You can see more of their work at www.nightshift-comics.com.

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