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The village is pretty isolated. Over time, as the shadow demons overtook the forest, it became even more isolated. Old beliefs have very deep roots here.

The demons like cold, dry places and absorb nutrients from the creatures of the forest. In fact, this area of the forest is pretty empty. (Related, the elves need to travel some distance for fresh meat, so much of their diet is vegetables and fish.) When the animal populations in the forest began to dwindle many generations ago, the shadow demons attached the elven village. The dragon rescued them, but not before three young elves were devoured in an agonizing death. The dragon kept the demons at bay for several years before he lost control and the demons tried to attack again. The elves decided to sacrifice three young elves to satisfy them. Over time, this turned into a ceremony.

The original dragon was your typical hoarding dragon. Since the gold originally came from the mountains, the elves see their gold sacrifices as returning the gold to the mountain. There have been other dragons (and we see the origin of the green one in a flashback) and this tradition has stuck.

There is magic in the elves and dragons. They dragon crystals like the one Eris finds come from dead and dying dragons. Some elves are just naturally drawn to the magic, like our main character here. She tries to use the magic to change things, but in the process ends up reinforcing the villagers' beliefs.

So the cycle continues.

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