A Brief History of Night Shift Comics

Night Shift Comics is a collaboration between fantasy illustrator Christina Savino and writer/artist Jared Forbes. They met in the most grandiose of ways: playing World of Warcraft. Then one day, and I might be paraphrasing here, Christina was all like, "I like to draw, but don't write. Someone write me a story to draw," and Jared was happy to oblige. And the rest was history. Together they now create original comics inspired by fantasy fiction with a dash of nerd culture.


Jared Forbes is a writer, illustrator and designer with a degree from UMass Amherst. He channels his life-long love of video games and nerd culture into a webcomic called Kickass McAwesome.

Website: Kickass McAwesome
Twitter: N_S_Comics
Tumblr: JaredForbesArt
Facebook: NScomics


Christina Savino is an artist, designer, and fantasy illustrator. She works in event design and draws a lot of dragons in her free time.

Website: Two Horizons Art
Twitter: TwoHorizonsArt
Tumblr: TwoHorizonsArt
Instagram: TwoHorizonsArt
Facebook: NScomics