Boss-stomping, loot-dropping, dungeon-crawling adventures from Night Shift Comics
V for Vendelo

V for Vendelo

Vendelo is too nice and soft-hearted to be a Dark Knight, so where did he even come from? Read now →

The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom

Follow the misadventures of Indevan, Angharad, Daniellena, Cammie and maybe Vendelo as they race against time to obtain a rare herb to cure Indevan's dying Gran-Gran. Slight catch though: the herb can only be found atop the deepest dark cave at the peak of the Mountain of Almost Certain Doom. Also there's a dragon. Several dragons, actually. Read now →

The fallen Mage's Labyrinth

Selador Fagelheim was once one of the most widely respected mages amongst the elves, until he got himself and all his followers kicked out of elven society. Now he continues his experiments and research within his hidden sanctum, plotting the day when he will strike back at the people who shunned him.... or at least he would if he wasn't so busy raising his prized herd of plainstriders. So elegant, so fluffy, so totally matches Dani's dress.... Read now →

Cammie's Quest for Candy

On All Hallow's Eve the Evil Ones roam the earth and there's only one thing they want...
Also, Dani's there. Read now →

Dragon Warrior Quest!

This story is a loving homage to the early RPGs of the eighties, particularly the Dragon Quest games, or Dragon Warrior as they were known as in America. Read now →

About Tales of Zeorath

Welcome to the far-off, fanatastical, and legally dissimilar world of Zeorath, where swords and sworcery reign. Also lords, dragons, dragon lords, demons, bigger demons, and one guy who I'm pretty sure just punches things. Join a guild of adventurers as they bravely navigate the world in pursuit of treasure, loot drops, and maybe some candy.

The Collected volumes of Xeorath

We have books available!

The Mountain of Almost Certain Doom and Other Stories collects our 5 tales into a 98-page volume. Shop now →

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