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July 17, 2015

Hey every peoples. Sorry for the prolonged absence from the whole posting comics in a timely fashion, thing, but we're back. Everything is as it should be. and updates should go back to being once every Friday again. While we were gone we did a few conventions, signed up for a few more. Made a few new prints. Completely moved everything into a new apartments that we slowly cobbled into a suitable work space. Oh and we have new buttons!

And speaking of new buttons if you'd like to help support us why not check out our Patreon? All money raised from the Patreon will go towards things we need to make the comics, like internets. That's a really important thing to have in order to do this stuff apparently. We have lots of different tiers with cool gifts exclusive to Patreon members, perhaps even those afore mentioned new buttons. So check it out.