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April 17, 2015

Hey every peoples, I hope you enjoy today's comic, cause I don't really know when we'll be posting the next one. Next Wednesday Christina and I will be driving down to North Carolina for Festival of Legends and then the week after that we'll be moving into our new apartment, and then after that we'll have the problem of hooking up new internets. So yeah, might not be another page for a while, sorry.

And speaking of hooking up new internets if you'd like to help support us why not check out our Patreon? All money raised from the Patreon will go towards things we need to make the comics, like internets. That's a really important thing to have in order to do this stuff apparently. We have lots of different tiers with cool gifts exclusive to Patreon members and behind the scenes materials and sneak peeks at upcoming projects you'll only find on Patreon. So check it out.