The Fallen Mage's Labyrinth

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September 25, 2015

Dani, is, mad. So mad in fact she has entered her shadowform. What is shadowform you say? Pretty much the antithesis of the classic fantasy Priest. This is at least how I picture it working in Zeorath. Basically a Priest is the defacto healer. They use holy powers, bathing their target in a life giving aura to mend wounds. But not all healing is through life, some times in order to heal you need to kill. Some one has a broken arm? No problem, I'll just fill you some feel good holy awesomeness, and boom, no more broken arm. But if you're suffering from an infection, or say have cancer, or magic cancer (side note magic cancer is totally canon now) if you pump them full of holy goodness you're pretty much just healing the thing making them sick to begin with. Therefore in order to heal these illnesses a Priest must also be able to wield the shadowy power of death to kill the source of the illness. I imagine this ability isn't as common and only powerful Priests can heal like this, and even more powerful Priests can harness the shadows completely and transform into a shadowform.