The Fallen Mage's Labyrinth

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About the Comic

Selador Fagelheim was once one of the most widely respected Mages amongst the Elves. Then he did some Lord Voldemort type shit and got himself and all his followers kicked out of Elven society. Now he continues his experiments and research within his hidden sanctum, plotting the day when he strikes back at the people who shunned him. Or at least he would if he wasn't so busy raising his prized herd of plainstriders. So elegant, so majestic, so fluffy, so totally matches Dani's dress. Dani will stop at nothing to obtain what she seeks within The Fallen Mage's Labyrinth.


About the Artists

Jared Forbes and Christina Savino met at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where they were both sorted into the Hufflepuff House. They participated in the Second Wizarding War where Jared was known to have personally punched out no less than twenty-seven death dealers and twelve dementors. When asked why he dealt with them in that manner instead of using magic he responded:

Magic Wands? You mean my fists?

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