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About the Comic

A new story approaches, Dragon Warrior Quest, a title that I hope invokes some sort of nostalgia for at least one of you. This story is a loving homage to the early RPGs of the eighties, particularly the Dragon Quest games, or Dragon Warrior as they were known as in America due to trademark shenanigans that have since lapsed, but I digress.

Pages will be posted on Patreon a week before they are posted on our website.

About the Artists

Jared Forbes is a comedy writer who loves classic games.

Website: Kickass McAwesome

Christina Savino is a fantasy artist who plays too much World of Warcraft.

Website: Two Horizons Art

A Brief History of Night Shift Comics

Night Shift Comics is a collaboration between fantasy illustrator Christina Savino and writer/artist and Jared Forbes. They met in the most grandiose of ways: playing World of Warcraft. Then one day, and I might be paraphrasing here, Christina was all like, "I like to draw, but don't write. Someone write me a story to draw," and Jared was happy to oblige. And the rest was history. Together they now create original comics inspired by fantasy fiction with just a dash of nerd culture.